Cubes and Lines
匿名: i want to kill myself

I want to kill myself too. It sounds very easy doesn’t it? Ending everything, and drifting into nothingness. Not dealing with any pain? In someway death brings comfort, I understand that. However, life is here, and abandoning her because of things like sadness sounds wrong. The pain you went through in the womb, the pain mum went through when giving birth to you. Everything is sourced back to pain isn’t it? But from your mum’s pain, came a child, and that child is precious to someone. Now think of this, nothing would be the same if you didn’t exist. Everyone IS connected. When you pick a seat in the bus, you are causing a chain reaction. When you enter a store to buy bread, you are part of a chain. Nothing would be the same without your input, without your actions. You are needed, you and everyone else. Yes, life is hard. It will fuck you over, and the past is horrid and the future is scary. But you have the present. You are you; no one else is you. You are a complex creation and you have a meaning. Not all of us find it or understand it, but that doesn’t take away the meaning. Sadness is momentary as well as happiness. Everything is a balance of good and bad, and it needs each other to exist. Please, don’t kill yourself. Imagine the things to come. In a year, many things change. People will arrive that will save you without even knowing. You will learn things you never thought you would. Everything will be ok one day, but your death leaves things all in the air. Please don’t kill yourself.

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